Moyo Island is the perfect snorkeling destination for your holiday. Moyo is well known for its underwater beauty and marine life.

Everybody, children and adults, can experience the snorkeling around this unspoiled island. The Flores sea that washes the coast, is normally calm and the conformation of Moyo Island is ideal for observing the underwater world from the surface. In fact, due to the presence of a Marine Park, the shallow bottom of the coastline, and the transparency of its waters, snorkeling is an adventure to enjoy every day.



Moyo island is plenty of secluded beaches and shallow bays that are ideal snorkeling spots.
The best and easy places to enjoy snorkeling is starting from Amanwana or Blue emOcean beaches. Both have private piers, and underneath marine life, corals and fishes are stunning. Amanwana Bay is private while Blue emOcean beach is open to anyone willing to enjoy the reef in front of the Resort. Snorkeling equipment is available for rent at our dive center inside Blue emOcean.



We organize daily snorkeling trips by the boat. Our snorkeling trips are the most comfortable way to discover some of the best snorkeling spots around Moyo Island such asAngel Reef, Crocodile Head and Sangalo Waterfall.              

Our snorkeling guides will ensure safety and fun to all participants. They all speak English, have huge marine life knowledge and love for the ocean.

Is it your first time snorkeling?

Come to Moyo Dive Center! Our Dive Team is happy to help beginners like yourself! Our pool is perfect to try the snorkeling equipment for the first time. One of our Snorkeling Guides will assist you and give you some important advice on how to get the most from your snorkeling experience. We even have dedicated courses for snorkelers and free divers.